If you need alfajores, then you’re gonna like rogel

If you need alfajores, then you’re gonna like rogel

At the same time, among Rosas’ servants try hectic getting ready lechada, a drink out-of sensuous milk and you will glucose which had been constantly taken having yerba-mate. If servant went to Rosas’ tent so you’re able to serve new lover, she was surprised to acquire Lavalle resting toward cot.

Unaware of the fresh new organized conference between the two management, she panicked and informed the latest troops with the presence out of Lavalle, leaving this new lechada unattended toward stove. When she returned, she found the fresh thicker and you may sticky pass on we now learn today since the dulce de- leche.

19. Rogel

Known as torta rogel or alfajor rogel simply because of its similarity towards the precious cookies, it relates to a traditional Argentinian treat made with narrow levels off crispy cookie biscuits kept plus dulce de leche.

Just like an effective mille-feuille, rogel are usually fashioned with 7 layers from cookies topped with Italian meringue. Exactly why are that it dessert book is that the cookie dough is actually created using egg yolks which give an attribute crunchiness into the biscuits. (más…)